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Consultancy & Services Division:
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies, Environmental Clearance (EC) / Environment Management Plan (EMP) for Industries & developmental projects. (Applied for QCI Accreditation).

• Conducting Environmental Audits as per the Honorable Gujarat High Court Order and as per the    directives of GPCB.

• Preparation of yearly Environmental Statements.

• We assist clients in getting consents under Water Act, Air Act, and Authorization for Hazardous    Waste storage, treatment and disposal.

• Treatablility & Feasibility studies for the treatment of wastewater and its management.
   Adequacy and Efficacy reports for the effluent treatment plants.

• Water and Waste Water analysis, Stack air & Ambient air monitoring, Soil Analysis, Noise level    monitoring.

• Preparation of Landuse Map from (Google Image) on AutoCAD.

• Baseline Study for EIA.

• Study of Terrestrial & Marine Flora & Fauna.

• Study of Planktons.
Engineering Division:
  • Design of Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Storm Water Drains etc.

• Detailed Engineering of Treatment Plants.

• Testing, Commissioning and Trouble shooting of existing Treatment units.

• Manpower supply for operation and Maintenance of the Treatment plants.

• Surveying work with Total Station.

• Geo Hydrological Survey.

Safety & Health Division:

We also undertake following jobs under the Safety & Healthy Division

• Risk Assessment

• Disaster Management Plan.

• HAZOP Analysis

• Safety Audit

• On site & Off site Emergency plans

• Safety reports

• Form 37

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